MouseMechanic is about making web repairs easier. If you’ve never used us simply follow the form. This process was designed to help you and help us understand what task you need done. You will create an account and then provide us access to your website to process your task. We will be communicating with you through out the process.  

All tasks are done based on a $75 hourly rate. However, you only pay for the time it takes. MouseMechanic bills tasks in 15 minute increments.  This insures that if you only need a few pictures changed, you don’t pay for the full hour. 


The best part is all tasks are tracked with random screen shots of the work being completed. In fact, with in every 10 minute period a screen shot is taken .

Work Diary 4-3

When the task is complete but prior to billing, you will receive an invoice as well as the task screen tracking. This means we have an incentive to complete tasks as thoroughly and as quickly as possible.



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