The web provides a place for all types of visitors. We all have expectations about it should work. Thanks in part to how social media makes us all crave instant gratification, Google is imposing that same expectation on to your website when it comes to mobile friendliness.  We saw a big change in how Google began to favor function over form. This made us rethink websites we build and optimized. The past couple years saw a huge shift towards user experience. This included making changes to websites that some websites and business owners were not thrilled to hear.

The days of massive imagery that people understood would time to load are gone. We posted on facebook about the dangers of using those beautiful banners with rotating images on your homepage   But it’s not just about removing graphics with huge files sizes. This also included making changes to a website’s fonts size and how much spacing was between links and buttons on pages. This was especially true for mobile devices.



Up until now mobile friendliness didn’t include page speed as a ranking factor. However, at a search industry conference in Sydney Australia, Gary Illyes who is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google confirmed this is coming to Google’s algorithm update. While this may not be news to industry insiders this will send a rippling effect to those who read this and begin to prepare for it and those who choose to ignore it. 



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